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Clients / North Cottesloe, Western Australia
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    Situated on a busy corner site in North Cottesloe, this residence was carefully designed to address its prominent beachside location, with the clever placement of outdoor living areas to maximise views to the beach whilst the placement of openings and orientation of internal spaces are designed to enable the application of passive-solar design principles, achieving access to natural lighting and cooling breezes.

    The beach house design has a timeless and rectilinear form which is composed of a series of intersecting horizontal and vertical planes creating visual interest and the opportunity to express a contrast between solid and void. The layers of wall planes are further articulated with permeable horizontal slat screens that ensure privacy and sun-shading, and are a distinct architectural feature in themselves. Low maintenance materials were selected to suit the coastal environment, comprising a simple palette of natural stone, acrylic textured render and anodized aluminium, presenting a high quality yet durable aesthetic.