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…Tactile surfaces and weathered materials combine with European style to enhance the organic and feminine themes of the Morrison Range

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    Following on from the success of the shop fitout to their flagship store in Garden City, internationally renowned fashion designers Morrison again approached Craig Steere Architects to design their new retail outlet in the Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne.

    The design brief for this project was to create a space which made strong reference to the organic and feminine design inspirations of the fashion label, with a simple spatial layout designed to create a positive customer experience whilst also achieving subtlety and emphasising the material qualities of the furnishings and merchandise. Craig Steere Architects worked closely with Morrison to source recycled timber from Western Australia, which was then incorporated into the custom cabinetry design along with polished plaster and timber veneer surfaces. Fragile and unique porcelain light fittings sourced internationally form a distinctive centerpiece to the space, with these textures and carefully-crafted qualities also seen in the design of the changeroom drapes, the embossed signage and the curved hanging rails clad in stitched leather sleeves.